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Has performed at movie premiers for such films as Spider-Man and This Is 40

She has hosted and created team building events for such companies as NBC, Pfizer, Disney, Washington Mutual, Waste Management, Pro Pharma, and many others

Regularly performs for such social events as weddings, anniversaries, and charity events

Voted “Couples Choice Award Winner” from Wedding Wire for an unprecedented six years in a row

Has performed all over the country and so far internationally in Rome, Mexico, Bahamas, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico

Great ability to connect with an audience, and her music selections are always “HR friendly” and “family appropriate” which helps make her so popular with the corporate world, Disney as an example

Fluent in sign language and performs numerous events for the Deaf Community, and has worked side by side with Academy Award Winner Marlee Matlin

She is an on-line celebrity with thousands of followers. Her ever growing fan base follow her because of her modeling, acting, AND DJ/MC/Hosting work!

A Little Q & A with Jaimee

Why a DJ/MC/Host?
I have always had a passion for music. I have a musical theater background and I just feel inspired by certain songs. Music is so powerful when it comes to touching people emotionally. A doctor can heal someone physically, but I am able to make someone feel AMAZING from their soul.


Example of a challenging event?
I was hired to design a custom team building event for Pfizer Pharmaceutical’s Presidents Club in the middle of the Bahamas. Since we were in a remote part of the island with little to no power, I had to make something fun and exciting while at the same time acoustic and A/V free. I designed a Family Feud game show using steel drummers and island musicians as our accompaniment. The event was a HUGE success and I continued doing events for Pfizer for years to come.

Final thoughts?
When you LOVE what you do people see it. I get to make people forget about their worries and cares for a little while and take them to a place of pure happiness and joy. To inspire someone to dance; to move someone to sing at the top of their lungs; to create fun – this really is a dream job!

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